Carl Icahn Net Worth: Biography, Earnings, & Spending

Carl Icahn is an American billionaire investor, businessman, and philanthropist known for his aggressive style of investment and his expertise in the stock market. With a net worth of over $15 billion, he is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Carl Icahn net worth, real estate investments, assets, how he earned his money, and how he spent his money.


Who is Carl Icahn?

Carl Icahn's is an American investor and businessman born on February 16, 1936, in Queens, New York. He studied philosophy at Princeton University and later attended New York University School of Medicine but dropped out after two years.

He then worked as a stockbroker and started his own firm, Icahn & Co., in 1968. He gained notoriety for his investments in companies such as TWA, Texaco, and Blockbuster Video.

Carl Icahn Net Worth

Icahn is on the Forbes 400 and has a net worth of approximately $17 billion to $24 billion

Carl Icahn Net Worth Over the Years

Carl Icahn's Net Worth has fluctuated over the years, largely due to changes in the value of his investments. A

ccording to Forbes, Icahn's net worth peaked at $20 billion in 2007 before dropping to $10 billion in 2008 during the financial crisis. Since then, his net worth has continued to fluctuate but has generally trended upward.

YearNet Worth (in billions USD)
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 201808
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 201910
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 202015
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 202117
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 202220
Carl Icahn Net Worth in 202324

Carl Icahn's Net Worth Graph

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Carl Icahn Biography

NameCarl Icahn
Date of BirthFebruary 16, 1936
Place of BirthQueens, New York City, New York, United States
EducationBachelor's degree in Philosophy from Princeton
University, 1957
OccupationBusinessman, Investor
Known forActivist investing, Corporate raiding
Net worthUS$23.5 billion (Forbes, March 2023)
Notable Holdings- Tropicana Entertainment Inc.
- CVR Energy Inc.
- Lyft Inc.
- Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.
- Dell Technologies Inc.
- Xerox Holdings Corp.
- PayPal Holdings Inc.
- Occidental Petroleum Corp.
- Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Notable Actions- Successfully pressured Time Warner to spin off
its cable division, resulting in the creation of
Time Warner Cable
- Forced the sale of TWA's assets, resulting in
significant profit for himself
- Tried to take over and break up RJR Nabisco,
but ultimately lost out to a higher bid from a
competing group

Factors Contributing to Net Worth Growth

There are several factors that have contributed to the net worth growth of Carl Icahn, including:

  1. Successful Investments: Carl Icahn is known for his successful investments in various companies. He has a reputation for buying stocks in undervalued companies and then pressuring them to make changes that increase their value. He has made significant profits from his investments in companies like TWA, Texaco, and Time Warner.
  2. Activist Investing: Icahn is also known for his activism in the companies he invests in. He often takes a public stance on issues related to the companies' management, governance, and strategy. By pushing for changes that he believes will create value, he has been able to increase the stock price of many companies, resulting in higher returns for himself and his investors.
  3. Business Acumen: Icahn has a keen business sense and is skilled at identifying opportunities in the market. He has a talent for identifying undervalued assets and finding ways to unlock their value. This has allowed him to make smart investments that have resulted in significant returns.
  4. Timing: Icahn has been able to capitalize on market trends by buying and selling at the right time. He has a knack for knowing when to enter and exit the market, which has helped him to maximize his returns.
  5. Diversification: Icahn has a diversified investment portfolio that includes holdings in various industries. By spreading his investments across different sectors, he has been able to minimize risk and increase his returns.
  6. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Icahn has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and is not afraid to take risks. He has been involved in various ventures, including real estate development, and has a track record of success in these endeavors.

Overall, Carl Icahn's net worth growth can be attributed to a combination of his investment strategies, business acumen, timing, diversification, and entrepreneurial spirit.

How He Earned His Money

Carl Icahn made his money through investing in undervalued companies and then pushing for changes to increase their value. He is known for his activist investing style, where he takes a significant stake in a company and then uses his influence to push for changes, such as restructuring or divestiture. He is also known for his aggressive approach in dealing with management, often calling for their removal if he believes they are not serving the best interests of shareholders.

Real Estate Investments and Assets

Carl Icahn is known for his real estate investments and assets. He has owned many high-profile properties, including the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which he purchased in 1996 for $129 million. He also owns a luxurious mansion in East Hampton, New York, valued at around $20 million.

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How He Spent His Money

Carl Icahn is known for his philanthropy and has donated millions of dollars to various causes. In 2016, he pledged $150 million to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York to create a medical research facility. He has also donated to organizations such as the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

Final Thoughts

Carl Icahn is a well-known investor and businessman who has made a significant impact on the business world through his investment style and ability to identify undervalued companies. He has also made a significant impact through his philanthropy, donating millions of dollars to various causes. His legacy will continue to influence the business world for years to come.


What is Carl Icahn's net worth?

According to Forbes, Carl Icahn's net worth is $20.4 billion as of March 2023.

What are some of Carl Icahn's most successful investments?

Carl Icahn's most successful investments include American Railcar Industries, which he purchased for $753 million in 2005 and sold in 2018 for $1.75 billion, and Netflix, which he invested in when it was trading at $58 a share in 2012 and sold in 2015 for over $800 million.

How has Carl Icahn impacted the business world?

Carl Icahn has had a significant impact on the business world through his activist investing style, which has influenced other investors and created a new type of investment strategy. He is also known for his ability to identify undervalued companies and unlock their value through his influence.

What is Carl Icahn's reputation in the business world?

Carl Icahn's reputation in the business world is that of a sharp and aggressive investor who is not afraid to take on management to achieve his goals. He is seen as a master of the art of corporate raiding and shareholder activism.

What are some of Carl Icahn's future plans?

Carl Icahn has not announced any specific future plans, but he is known for being very active in the investment world, and it is likely that he will continue to invest and push for changes in companies to increase their value.